Orc Invasion

8 September 2019 – 20 February 2020
Engine: RPGMaker MV

Play as Ruva, the daughter of an orcish chief, as she fights to help her tribe survive in a kingdom ruled by humans. Control the story through your choices, build relationships with members of your clan as they aid you on your quests, and work to find a home for yourself and your family.

Status: Tutorial Demo Below



The dutiful child of Chief Grumar must fill her father’s shoes after the battle of Danfall. In a world that views orcs as monsters, Ruva must struggle to lead her people towards a safe future.


Lichen spends most of the time in his panther form which he uses to protect his clan and aid Ruva in battle. He’s cocky and likes to joke around, but shows a fierce side when his loved ones are threatened.


Ruva’s aunt who’s too stubborn to let her age stop her from wielding a battle-axe in battle.


Bronna can always be seen with a smile on her face, but the sorceress is actually deadly in combat despite her cheerful disposition.


Gorey is a stern half human who resents all humans for their treatment of orcs. Gorey fights alongside Ruva in his bear form that easily overpowers most creatures.


Devoted husband and mischievous thief, Zobrok is in charge of stealing intelligence and supplies from the nearby human city of Danfall. He’s also quite the klutz who spaces out far more than someone with his job should.


Korog is the clan’s shaman. He uses his powers to heal wounded orcs and interpret the will of the divine.