Elemental Assassin

Use VR controls to manipulate the earth itself and figure out one of many ways to sneak or fight your way into a heavily guarded keep to retrieve the holy grail.

Third Born

Set in the middle ages, Third Born is a narrative game that deals with morality and family. It pulls from real historical events and places you in the position of a ruler trying to reclaim your family’s stolen kingdom.

With the fate of two kingdoms resting on your shoulders, family may be the only thing preventing you from losing your humanity.

Game Design Documentation Template

A well-organized game design document template that I made so I don’t have to re-format a new google doc every time I make a video game.

VR Video Game Design & Development Class

The cross disciplinary computer science and art class that I teach at The Out-of-Door Academy, a college preparatory high school.


A post-apocalyptic text adventure game-moment with many branching pathways and over two dozen unique endings.

Breadth First Search Algorithm With Varying Terrain Costs

My method for figuring out all the spaces a unit can move to in a hex-tile board, given that certain tiles take more energy to move into and some tiles are completely inaccessible.

Orc Invasion

A story-intensive JRPG told from the perspective of an orcish clan, monsters who fight against the heroes in traditional fantasy games.


The digital secretary app that I made to respond to texts because I’m pretty terrible about texting back immediately.


My voice recorder and transcriber mobile app.