Remember Last Semester?

(Honors refresher assignment.)

Welcome back! It’s time to see if you guys remember anything you learned from last semester! And the best way to show you know something is to teach it! Right? At least I hope that’s what professional game designers think when they see me…

Anyway, select an intro topic all the students in the regular section of the class will need to know and teach it to them. The topics are:

  • Design
    • Elevator Pitches
    • Aesthetics of play
  • ¬†Development
    • Unreal Basics (moving objects, making blueprints, etc.)
    • Prototyping 3D models in unreal
    • Collisions
    • Intro to AI
  • Visual Art
    • Color Theory
    • 3D modeling in blender

You can lecture, do a power point presentation, make a video/animation, or anything else! Cover the topic at sufficient depth, but don’t take more than 20 minutes.

Rough drafts are due on Tuesday (nothing to submit, but we’ll go over them together) and you’ll start presenting on Thursday (although not all of you will go that day).

And have fun with this!