Homework 3: Color Palettes

  1. Make 3 color palettes and submit screenshots of them (with the specific hex value for the color).
    1. Use https://coolors.co/ to make them.
  2. Also include written descriptions of your color pallets to explain their purpose in a game and why they look good together (Are they complementary? Are they similar in tone? Are they all a bit washed out like in hollow knight?). Each one must be made for a specific purpose such as…
    1. Setting moods
      1. gloomy
      2. happy
      3. confused
      4. hungry
    2. Specific environments/scenes
      1. Lava (like in Mario)
      2. Underwater
      3. Forrest
      4. The Moon
    3. You can say “because the colors look good” for only one of your palettes.
      1. If you use this as your justification, you must explain why they look good.
  3. Look up examples for inspiration.
    1. Use those research skills we talked about!
  4. Be creative! I don’t want to see everyone doing a happy color palettes that’s just a bunch of yellows.

Grading Rubric:
– 2 point for each of 3 color palettes (6 points total)
– 2 point for each description (6 points)
– 2 points for not using more than one of my examples (2 points)

*As always, half off for late assignments.