Classwork: Pre-Development Practicum (Designing A Video Game)

One student per group must submit the design documentation you worked on in class on Thursday (the 16th). This must be pasted in or uploaded as a document, do not send me a link to a google doc.

All students in a group should be working together and giving roughly equal input. Both of you will be asked to explain your game to the class on Monday and you won’t know who will talk about which parts before the presentation.

The design document must include:

  • A description of the major topic of your video game. (What is the game about?)
    • ex. This game is a visual novel about the daily life of an ODA student. Players will spend time in class, interacting with fellow students and teachers, and making decisions to effect their RISER meter. At the end, their RISER score will determine if they get an A on their quarterly report or if they’ll be asked to leave ODA.
    • hint: write this part last
  • List of key elements of your game (maps, characters, art style, etc.)
  • Expounded descriptions of each key element with enough detail to give readers a clear idea of all the essential components of your game.
    • You should be able to begin programming and doing art for the game after reading this document.
    • Hint: Don’t get stuck on one element! Move on or ask for the opinion of someone in another group.