Advanced Honors Video Game Design/Development (Online)

Summer 2020
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  • Grade: Entering Grades 10-12
  • One Semester Course – 1/2 credit
  • Cost: $625/class          
  • Dates: Monday, June 15- Friday, July 10
  • Times: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with individual check-ins scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Teacher: Mr. John Delgado
  • Prerequisite: Familiarity with basic programming concepts (such as variables,) OR completion of VR Game Design/Development. Students will need access to a Windows PC/laptop to run Unreal Engine.

This course will teach students advanced computer science and visual art concepts through virtual reality (VR), 2D, and 3D video games. The course will consist of units focusing on iterating to improve the end-user experience, level design, advanced programming concepts such as using interfaces to make writing code easier, sprite animation, and how to work independently on a long term project.

Students will gain experience with Unity, C#, Unreal Engine 4, and blueprint visual scripting. Students will transfer and implement these skills in either a 2D or 3D game they develop over the course of the month. They will be required to work collaboratively, and present goals and ideas pertaining to their projects with peers, refining critical thinking skills as they analyze progress and use this knowledge to enhance and improve their project.