17 June 2018 – Present

The Machine Observer and Nearly Intelligent Knowledgeable Assistant is the digital secretary app that I made to respond to texts because I’m pretty terrible about texting back immediately.


  • Machine Learning Sleep Prediction – So people know when I’m sleeping and not just ignoring them
  • Immediate Automatic Text Response System – So people know what I’m doing when I’m busy
  • Custom Busy Reasons – Manually setting why I’m unable to respond: working, sleeping, in a meeting, playing D&D, etc.
  • Do-Not-Disturb Bypass – For emergencies and last minute plans I would have otherwise not seen on time
  • FAQ Chatbot – So users aren’t confused by these responses and can learn more about my app


Version 1

A Qt desktop application running on my computer running a machine learning algorithm to predict my sleep habits, a custom email for text forwarding, and Twilio for sending texts.

Version 2

Generalized the code so it was no longer specific to my own computer’s file system. Running on other computers now possible. Moved most of the code to modular Python scripts.

Version 3

The system is now completely self contained in an app made in Android Studio. All code is now written in Java.

V 3.4 [21 May 2020]

  • Monika now asks if the message is time sensitive
  • Added checker for affirmative responses

V 3.5 [24 May 2020]

  • Neural network to determine if the message is time sensitive, an emergency, or neither