Who wants to hear me talk about my podcast? Again.

I know I won’t stop talking about my NPR podcast, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently. It was the last piece of writing I completed, and I have to revise it within the next two weeks. So in thinking about revisions to that piece, I thought I’d share my most significant revision with all of you.

Those of you who read my last blogpost on this revision project might recall that I mentioned how hard it was for me to remove the electronics jargon from my podcast. I love electronics. Now I’m not talking about using computers; I build circuits and I love it. This is the main reason that I chose to discuss an electronic sensor in scholarly article translation. Now the good part of writing about something you’re passionate about is that it’s usually easier and more fun to get your ideas down on paper. But for me, this interest in the topic made it very hard to remove the technical electronics language that drew me to this paper in the first place. I removed almost everything about the technical electronics in my podcast and I still plan on cutting out more for my revision. I condensed the intricacies of layering many tiny conductive and insulating layers that are each arranged in a very specific way to take three different measurements into a simple sandwich metaphor. Even though it is a vast oversimplification I think the metaphor put it in terms most people can understand. Overall it was an improvement especially for the NPR format and I plan on simplifying the jargon even more in the final revision.

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