New Writing Challange: A Surprise Announcement

Hello loyal readers! This week I am pleased to announce the latest writing challenge that I will be taking on. Translating A Scientific Paper. It is my hope, dear readers, that I can condense and translate this incredibly long and complicated journal article so that you may read it with ease and free of jargon. The article is from the ever popular Nature, and deals with a longtime passion of mine: electronics.

Now I know what you must be thinking; “Johnny don’t you normally write about health and rhetorical devices?” And to that I say “yes”, but this article is about an electronic stamp-sized stress monitor. It excellently combines my interests in health and electronics (and while not rhetorical, it most certainly is a device). I am very excited to share my translation of this piece with you in three forms with varying complexity levels: a press release, an abstract, and (the one I’m actually slightly worried about) a tweet. It will be nice to dig up my electronics knowledge and use it for something other than building projects.

And finally, I want you all to know that for my press release I hope to translate this piece into the style of a popular science news website that I am a big fan of. I enjoy the way their articles are written and often use that site to get my daily dose of science news. The name of this website is omitted for the sake of my younger readers, but those of you old enough to go on without your parents’ permission can find the website I am referring to HERE.

One thought on “New Writing Challange: A Surprise Announcement

  1. I think this will be great, Johnny! I think this will be a really interesting article to translate that will be easy to craft into a compelling piece. And I think IFLS is a great match for your writing style and tone–I’m excited to see what you come up with!

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