Dear Readers,

Wow, the year’s almost over. With the close of another semester I’ve been thinking about my final project for English 101. For this assignment, we each have to revise two of our older pieces for a final portfolio. So, I have decided to revise my first and last papers: my Rhetorical Analysis, and my Scholarly Article Translation.

The Rhetorical Analysis was the first major piece I wrote this year and I’d like to see just how much my writing skills have improved in about 4 months. I’d like to focus on making my intro less bland, my thesis more specific, and the overall paper flow better. I also had a great time writing it (I have a nerdy love for rhetorical analysis if we’re being honest here) and think it’ll be a fun piece to revisit and maybe analyze further.

Now on the topic of things that were fun to make, I loved turning my Scholarly Article Translation into an NPR podcast. Just the fact that I got to write (and speak) in such a different voice than what I’m used to was a blast. But that being said, I’m confident that I can make an even better NPR podcast. I think I should try and reword some of the technical language that I couldn’t get rid of for my original submission. (What? I’m an electronics guy. I like talking about skin resistance and piezoelectric sensors, just ask my parents.) I also think that I could do a better job with giving background information in the first chunk of dialogue and maybe give the piece a smoother ending. (I think it ended kind of abruptly when I either ran out of things to say or reached my word limit.)

And now the only other thing I need to mention in this blogpost is my plan moving forward. So dear readers, “what’s in store for Johnny Delgado?” you may ask. I plan on enjoying a relaxing and project filled summer, then continuing college, and maybe eventually become a medical doctor. I’m not really sure about the details, but I think that too much specific planning just leaders to headaches. Wait, now that I think about it, “What is your plan moving forward?” might refer to my English portfolio…

And Now, the only thing left to talk about is is my plan moving forward. Well, I’m probably going to setup a meeting to discuss potential revision ideas I have once I make said list. Then maybe some reverse outlining without looking at my paper directly so I get a fresh perspective. Throw in some nice walks and diligent relaxing which is a vital part of my writing process. And then all that’s left is the actual writing, which is the easiest part. Well, there’s also editing and revising after that, but that’s a given. Oh, and the submitting, don’t want to forget that. Then I’ll be done and I’ll probably get some food with friends in celebration. And that’ll be it, the end.


Johnny Delgado


P.S. Don’t fret loyal readers, I plan on continuing this blog well beyond English 101. But do expect to see some changes. Less English, more projects and food. Well, it’ll still be written in English, but I won’t be writing English class assignments.

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful plan, Johnny. Taking walks and relaxing are among the most important parts of the writing process, if you ask me! Sounds like you have a solid grasp of how to move forward, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with. And I’m glad you’re able to carry your website forward and find new uses for it!

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